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Baby food on supermarket shelves is typically heavily processed with extreme heat so it can last for years on a shelf, and often has preservatives. Not the quality nutrition we want for our kids! All of our food is made in small batches and snap frozen as soon as it is cooked - the most natural form of preservation. This process helps to maintain the fresh properties of the food such as vitamins, nutrients, taste, colour and texture. We don't add any preservatives, colours or flavours, thickeners or fillers. Ever.

Your child's health is our #1 priority. As parents ourselves, our mission is to provide safe, nutritious, and innovative baby food that you can trust. All of our recipes and cooking methods have been developed with a nutritionist to ensure that there is a healthy balance of ingredients in each product.

We only use ingredients from trusted farms and suppliers, and our products are made  in a fully accredited kitchen right here in Melbourne. We adhere to the highest standards of food safety, including cooking and freezing methods to ensure our products are safe and free from any harmful bacteria. That is our promise to you. (also... we give Little Foodies to our own kids, and they love it).

We know how frustrating it can be to see your baby refusing food (particularly if you spent time cooking it yourself). But, be patient before you give up on the food - the average baby needs to taste a food up to 15 times before recognising it and developing a taste for it. It’s all part of palate training and perfectly normal. While the idea of including fresh herbs, spices and seeds in baby food might seem a bit far out, research shows that babies who are exposed to different flavours are less likely to develop into fussy eaters.

Our tip? Try mixing a new flavour in with a familiar one (like breast milk or formula) to help ease your baby into trying new things.

BABY FOOD: Our standard serving size is 50g. There are six serves in each packet – that works out to be just over $2 per serve.

Typically, we find that one serve is about the right size for little babies (6 meals per pack) and two serves for bigger babies (3 meals per pack). Of course, you should choose how much to give your baby depending on their appetite and whether you are combining the puree or blend with other food. With our convenient portions, you can easily pick the right amount for your baby. 

KIDS MEALS: Our standard serving size is 150g. We recommend that our kids meals are served alongside your favourite grains, like brown rice, quinoa or couscous.

As our product is hand made in small batches and 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, thickeners or fillers each batch will be slightly different!

Our purees are made up of mostly vegetables or fruit which naturally have a high water content. This means water separation is a natural occurrence. Just give the puree a quick stir after defrosting, and it will return to its normal consistency. 

We are currently delivering across Melbourne and some areas in regional Victoria. Use our postcode checker (home page) to see if we can deliver to you. We will be expanding our local and interstate delivery areas, so please sign up to our mailing list to receive updates on when we will be in your area. 

Orders are delivered weekly. Check here to see the latest delivery days for your area. We know you are busy, so we will message you on the day to let you know approximately what time your delivery will arrive. 

Frozen products are delivered in temperature controlled packaging, however it's really important that someone is at home to pop it in the freezer straight away. If nobody is home we will leave your package at the door, but please do remember if you don't put it in the freezer promptly there is a risk that the product may melt or spoil.

Yes, you absolutely can. Sending a baby/kids food parcel or gift card is a super practical (not to mention thoughtful!) present. If your friend or relative lives within our delivery area we can send it right to their door, otherwise we can deliver to you and you can pass it on (If you are in our delivery area).

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Yes! Food grade silicone is a non-toxic polymer mostly made from Silica (sand).

It can withstand heating and freezing without leaching or off gassing hazardous  chemicals. It's odour proof, stain resistant, hypoallergenic and it's smooth surface makes it easy to clean. This makes silicone material and our feeding accessories perfect for babies - and bonus they are microwave and dishwasher proof!

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